Are you thinking about coming to me for the first time?  Are you new to Tulum and in search for a stylist?  Let me tell you a little bit about me and my salon.  I have been in the beauty industry going on 20 years!  I started out as a makeup artist at MAC cosmetics.  I went on to do photoshoots for both hair and makeup but wanted to perfect my hair skills, so I went to Paul Mitchel to receive my cosmetology license.  I love being in the salon.  My salon is in my home.  You may get some snuggles from my dogs while you are there for your appointment.  I am passionate about using cruelty-free products at home and in my salon, even my color is cruelty-free.  And please don’t hesitate to ask for my favorite finds that are cruelty-free.  I followed the Love of my life to Tulum from Dallas, Texas.  I donate 100% of my tips to rescuing animals.  I love to do color, and I specialize in highlights and balayage.  The majority of my clients have shoulder-length to long hair and that is my specialty longer hair cuts.  If you are wanting a haircut that is above the chin, I am probably not the stylist for you, but I will gladly refer you to another stylist.  Hair is my passion.  I am always staying up-to-date on hair classes and the latest techniques.  I pride myself in keeping your hair healthy.  I will always put the integrity of your hair first.  The only way to maintain these healthy results is to use the recommended professional products at home in between your salon services.  If you are going to invest in getting your hair done professionally, don’t cut corners on your products at home and ruin what you have invested in your hair.  I believe in providing excellent service and running on time.  If you are running more than 15 minutes late, we will need to reschedule.  (If you are running late and I allow your tardiness, it is not fair to my clients after you.)   I want to provide a relaxing experience—enjoy a coffee or glass of wine and stay a while.  If you have children, please leave them at home.  There are too many things for them to touch that are dangerous.  Please bring lots of inspirational photos to your appointment.  


Please note that mask must be worn inside of Halo Salon at all times for the safety of everyone.